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Deep Plane Facelift in Philadelphia

Want to look like a better, younger version of yourself? Consider a Deep Plane Extended facelift in Philadelphia. Our experienced surgeons use the latest techniques to tighten the deep tissues under the SMAS and remove excess skin to address aging-related
Jan 11th, 2023

Lip Lift - Do I need one?

A Lip lift is an excellent surgical option to rejuvenate (make more youthful) the upper lip. Social Downtime after surgery is about 1 week for most patients. Lip Lift is a powerful way to both shorten the upper lip and increase lip fullness naturally.
Jun 26th, 2022

Tattoo Removal

Hello, my name is Lajuan, and today I want to share the experience I had with the Rohrer Aesthetics (Q-switched Yag/KTP Tattoo Removal) at Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine in Philadelphia.
Dec 15th, 2019

TCA Peel Promo

During March when you sign up for a VIP Membership we will be gifting you 6 TCA Peels for just becoming a member with us! VIPs also get 30% off of filler and BOTOX Cosmetics at a discounted price!
Dec 3rd, 2019

Lift It, Plump It, Smooth It with Juvederm

We offer Juvederm Fillers (only the best) for your face and lips. Whether you have concerns of lifting, plumping, or smoothing areas out Juvederm Filler could be the route for your concerns!
Dec 3rd, 2019

Filler Up

Im Stephanie Mendoza, I am your very own surgical assistant here at Jazzi. I want to let you in on the beginning of my aesthetic journey and my subtle approach to to help myself have a more graceful aging process.
Nov 10th, 2019


IV Hydration is a great way to hydrate your body from the inside out and your body is always dehydrated. Adding a vitamin cocktail to your IV bag is a great way to get those vitamins your body is missing!
Nov 1st, 2019

My Experience with BOTOX Cosmetics

Our Medical Assistant shares her personal experience with having BOTOX Cosmetics injected at Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine. She shares why she got it, the treatment itself, and what it’s like! Take a read if you’ve been considering BOTOX!
Oct 25th, 2019

Microneedling with CBD Oil

Hello, my name is Lajuan, I'm a medical assistant here at Jazzi cosmetic surgery & aesthetic medicine. And today I want to share the experience I had with the Microneedling with BHO (Bluegrass Hemp Oil) CBD OIL. The blend was Genesis Blend Hemp Extract (11
Oct 18th, 2019

My PRP Experience

My name is Katie, I work at Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine and I just wanted to share my experience with microneedling PRP. I was initially interested in trying microneedling with PRP because I have two scars above and below my right eye and h
Oct 8th, 2019

The "Skinny" on BCAAs

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) consist of a group of amino acids that benefits our bodies in many ways. BCAA supplements are popular in the athletic world to enhance muscle growth and improve athletic performance!
Jul 15th, 2019


Bridging the gap between instagram and reality.
Jun 17th, 2019

Bye Bye Wrinkles: CO2 Laser Resurfacing

If you could erase fine lines & wrinkles, would you? Great news, we have the solution! Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is a treatment used to do just that, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, scars, sun spots, and skin surface texture issues!
Jun 17th, 2019

Vampire Facial: Microneedling PRP

Microneedling with PRP (platelet rich plasma) has recently been all the buzz due to celebrity endorsement. The famous “Vampire Facial” was made popular by the Kardashian’s as one of their go-to skin care routines. Why do they love it?-because it’s amazing!
Jun 5th, 2019

Aging: Beyond the Face

When we think about aging, many times we focus on our face. However, our face is the last part of our bodies to age !
Jun 1st, 2019

Hydration & Your Skin

Myth Buster: Moisture & Hydration are not the same thing! Hydrated Skin is Healthy Looking Skin!
May 14th, 2019

Retinoids, Retinol, and Retin-A

At some point in your skincare journey, I'm sure you've heard of retinoids, retinol, or retin-a. These ingredients have been hailed the fountain of youth of skincare, and for a very good reason.
May 7th, 2019

The Buzz (and Fuzz) About Dermaplaning

It's no secret that we all have a little (or a lot) of peach fuzz on our face. Women shaving their face has long been a sort of taboo, but a dermaplaning treatment combines hair removal with a relaxing treatment to reveal smoother, brighter skin.
May 7th, 2019

The Ins and Outs of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can be a scary topic for a lot of people, but that's mainly because they aren't very well understood. Chemical peels can range in their strength and benefits, and with the right knowledge, aren't anything to be afraid of.
May 1st, 2019

Do I Really Need To Exfoliate?

Exfoliation is the step in a skincare routine that is probably the least understood, and whether they know it or not, everyone needs a little bit.
Apr 24th, 2019

What's My Skin Type?

Knowing your skin type is one of the most important aspects of building an effective skincare routine, and makes a huge difference in the benefits you’ll see from your products.
Mar 30th, 2019

A Beginners Guide to Basic Skincare

Skincare can be a scary topic for some people if they've never delved into the world of cosmetics. There are so many options, how do you know where to start? Skincare doesn't have to be so intimidating though, and a little education can go a long way.
Mar 1st, 2019

Dark Circles: Why We Have Them And Treatments That Offer A Fix

Dark circles, we all have them in some capacity. Some of us have a little, while others have a lot. Whether you sometimes get a slight shadow from a late night, or have an ever present darkness, we could all benefit from a lighter and brighter under eye.
Feb 23rd, 2019

Neck Liposuction vs Kybella. What is right for me?

At our office in Philadelphia, we often get asked about Kybella and liposuction for the neck. So, which is right for you? Here’s a breakdown of each treatment to help you make an informed decision.
Dec 6th, 2022

Kybella vs. Liposuction for the Neck

At our office in Philadelphia, we often get asked about Kybella and liposuction for the neck. So, which is right for you? Here’s a breakdown of each treatment to help you make an informed decision.
Dec 5th, 2022

Skincare & Quarantine

Are you wondering how you can keep up your skin results during a quarantine. Although nothing replaces laser treatments, we have alternatives that are great temporary solutions! These include prescription strength combination therapy treatments.
Mar 23rd, 2020

But how much time will I be down?

In this day and age we are all very busy, constantly running from here to there. It seems there are hardly enough hours in the day to make time for our self; and if something is going to keep us down for extended amount of time..forget about it!
Jun 6th, 2019