A photofacial is a treatment that uses a light-based source to treat skin blemishes and pigmentation. For starters, an IPL (intense pulsed light) laser treatment, also known as photo-facial or photo rejuvenation, is used to treat sun spots, age spots, rosacea, and acne by using different filters of light.

Area: Most people start on the facial area but a photofacial can be done anywhere on the body.

Benefits: Benefits of photofacials include elimination of age spots and freckles. A photofacial can also reduce acne breakouts and skin redness along with reversing sun damage. A photofacial with an IPL laser can be repeated every four weeks.

Recovery: The skin is sensitive as it heals. Re-damaging the skin is possible so do not scratch or pick the skin during recovery. Makeup can be used right after the treatment, as long as it is applied and removed very gently. Freckles and age spots may look darker for up to one week before they start to fade or flake off. Continue to apply face moisturizer and sunscreen. 

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