Skincare & Quarantine

Are you wondering how you can keep up your skin results during a quarantine. Not being able to get to your provider physically is frustrating. We are accessible virtually and it is easier than you may think to speak with your sprovider. Virtual visits are just as easy as making a Facetime call!


Although nothing replaces laser / medical treatments, we have alternatives that are great temporary solutions! These treatments include prescription strength combination therapy treatments customized to match your goals are. Maintaining your skin and health gains throughout a quarantine. Below are some examples of my favorite, categorized by problem. 


Problem Solution Frequency Prescription?
Superficial Wrinkles Retinol Once Daily No
Deep Wrinkles



Azelaic Acid, ALA, DMAE, Estriol, Progesterone combo

Once at Bedtime Yes
Hair Loss Latanaprost Foam Once at Bedtime Yes
Pigmentation Hydroquinone, tretinoin, kojic acid combo Once Daily Yes

Ketoconazole / Niacinamide

Once Daily YES


The table above lists my go to Rx by problem. Although every case is different and calls for a different set of treatments, the above treatments are safe for most patients and have a huge upside and extremely low adverse effects. 


If you want to maintain your skin & hair health, text us @859-888-1616 so we can get you a virtual consult and send your Rx / product. You can also call us :)


Stay beautiful, Stay healthy!



Dr. Ali E. Mohammad Dr. Ali E. Mohammad is a Board Certified, fellowship trained Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon. He has pioneered many treatment combinations and continues to challenge the status quo in the cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery field as well as the Aesthetic Medicine space. Dr. Ali developed the combination therapy approach and has taught his techniques to hundreds of providers (nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners and residents). His dream in the making is to make high quality cosmetic surgery & aesthetic medicine accessible to everyone.

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