Aljazi Aldousari, CFO

ALjazi Aldousari has a Bachelor's in Business and Accounting and Master in Finance and Auditing. Jazi worked as an accountant and an auditor under the minister of finance in Kuwait; her last year before transitioning to Elephant Group General Trading and Contracting she was the chief auditor and reported directly to the Prime Minister of Kuwait. She was responsible for 178 Billion Dollars in government funds as well as auditing Kuwait investment authority fund, one of the largest sovereign in the world, over 500 billion in assets under management.

Jazi grew a team of 3 in 2012 into an organization of 1500 individuals servicing 6 subsidiaries for Elephant Group General trading and contracting. Most prominently the Companies were Protein Box, Media Elephant, Rock Tape Mena + Europe, Elephant Group Logistics. The company had a paid up capital of 100k in 2012 and organically grew to 28.6M Euros in 2016. 

She developed the 4 pillars of Elephant Group; 1. Fix a problem and don't create one in the process. 2. Develop a product and service that stands the test of time. 3. Develop products and services that are extremely commercially viable. 4. Develop products and services that positively impact the community. These four pillars are carried to Elephant Group Solutions in which she currently spends all of her time. When she started her focus was a two digit CAGR, and developing client, patient, customer centric solutions. that drives growth.

Dr. Ali Mohammad, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Facial Surgeon

Dr. Ali Mohammad is a Board Certified, Fellowship trained Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon with years of experience.

Dr. Ali is passionate about Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery & helping patients in need. Dr. Ali hosts a free scar clinic once a month at his state of the art surgery practice.

He has a unique and holistic approach to rejuvenation and a 3 dimensional approach to reconstruction of the face starting with the skeleton and extending all the way to the skin and the soft tissues in between. Dr. Ali employs a combination therapy that tackles all aging modalities to optimize a natural and sustainable result for patients.

Dr. Ali practices with extreme attention to detail and a passion for surgery! Following training all over the country, Dr. Ali decided to return to Philadelphia to put down roots. He loves Philadelphia for the food and coffee scene as well as the extreme sense of community. Dr. Ali is fluent in 5 languages and loves to learn about other cultures. Tell him an interesting thing about your travels when you see him.

Meet the Team

Lacey Miller, NP

I am the Nurse Practitioner here at Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. I have a background working at the University of Kentucky Medical Center as a Registered Nurse for the past six years. I graduated in May of 2017 with my MSN from Eastern Kentucky University and am a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. The area of cosmetic surgery and aesthetics is new to me, but one I am extremely excited about!


Karina Goodnight

Hi, I’m Karina! I am a Registered Nurse at Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine. I grew up in Albuquerque, NM but I went to school in Louisiana, and now Lexington is my new home. Early on in my nursing studies, I became very passionate about this field and I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of it now. I look forward to meeting my future patients and providing an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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