Fractional CO2: laser skin rejuvenation & laser resurfacing


  • Wrinkles
  • Acne scarring
  • Creping around eyes
  • Sun damage
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Scarring

Standard Energies/Anesthetics: spot size for all 15-21mm
Mild : 10mj (M1 preset) For ages 20-30. Go to setting for skin type IV
Moderate :20mj (M2 preset) For ages 40-50
Deep: 30 mj or higher (M3 preset) sedation only. For ages 60-80 or deep scarring

Healing time:

  • 1-2 days of sunburned feeling, mild redness
  • 2-3 days skin begins to peel, dead cells clear & new cells emerge


Patient Education:

  • Apply moisturizing agent to treated areas of patients skin.
  • Instruct patient they will feel sunburnt & will have redness for 1- 2 days.
  • Cleanse skin with mild cleanser twice a day & use mild moisturizer liberally (for 1st 1-3 days patient should use a more occlusive moisturizer such as Aquaphor to protect freshly ablated skin, after 1-3 days switch to light/mild moisturizer so pore do not become clogged)
  • May wear makeup the next day
  • Avoid sun exposure, wear sunscreen
  • May feel “gritty” pattern on skin for about 1 week
  • May have peeling of the skin in 2-3 days
  • Full effect can be seen in 3-6 weeks post treatment
  • Make plan for next treatment session including planned energy for next CO2 treatment
  • Retreatment every 4-6 weeks


SURGICAL CO2 CUTTER (Cutting Handpiece)

The cutting handpiece has multiple spot size options that allow clinical staff to more quickly, accurately, and easily treat superficial lesions


  • To remove moles, warts, keratosis, and skin tags

About the Surgical CO2 handpiece:

  • 7 adjustable spot sizes (0.2-1.3mm); Always start with largest spot size
  • Blue tip: 100 microns (this is your go to tip)
  • Pink tip: 50 microns
  • Warts: 5-6 watts on continuous wave- end point is a black char
  • Keratosis: 6-7 watts on continuous wave- end point is black char
  • Skin Tag: 7-8 watts on super pulse (char free ablation)- 1 second on time, 2 second off time

Patient Education:

  • Treatment area will scab & then fall off within several days
  • Keep area clean & dry
  • Once scab falls off an open area on skin may be present, keep clean/dry/covered until healed


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