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If you have superficial marks on your skin, Erbium is a great choice to target the superficial dermis (stratum cornermen). Erbium is a great treatment to combine with other treatments if you have concerns of sun damage, removal of melasma, and will improve the overall surface texture of the skin. Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine in Lexington, Kentucky, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania offers no charge consultations, call our office today to schedule your consultation to see if Erbium is right for your skin needs!


What does Erbium treat?

  • Removal of sun damage

  • Removal of melasma

  • Improve surface texture

How does Erbium work?

The laser attaches to water drying out the superficial layer of skin where most pigment problems live.

What areas can be treated with Erbium?

Erbium can be treated anywhere on the body.

What is the pre-procedure for Erbium?

The entire area that will be treated needs to be cleansed of all makeup and moisturizers and the Clinical Staff will wipe the area with alcohol before the procedure.

What can I expect during the Erbium treatment?

We have all patients use topical numbing before the treatment, so they are as comfortable as possible. Some patients do say it feels hot, but not painful. We will also have patients wear goggles for eye protection. The laser sounds like a small pop when it hits the skin.

What is the post-procedure for Erbium?

  • Patients will experience 3-7 days of itching/peeling skin

  • 3 days post treatment patients can go back on products such as Retin-A

How often can I have Erbium done?

You can be retreated every 6 weeks.