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 Jazzi Memberships ft. Maria Montgomery

Jazzi Memberships ft. Maria Montgomery


Your Beauty is Our Profession

Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine is located in Lexington, KY, and Philadelphia, PA. Founded by Fellowship Trained Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Ali Mohammad alongside his business partner Aljazi Aldosauri. Jazzi provides high-quality accessible medicine that focuses on combination therapy, with a holistic approach to treatment.

Aesthetic medicine is more than skin deep; numerous studies support the concept that looking your best equates to feeling your best. That’s why the Jazzi team listens to your concerns and makes a customized treatment plan that will guide you to your best self.

Jazzi is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of medical technology. If you’re searching for the best aesthetic services currently available, you’ll find them at Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine. 


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Skincare & Quarantine

Are you wondering how you can keep up your skin results during a quarantine. Although nothing replaces laser treatments, we have alternatives that are great temporary solutions! These include prescription strength combination therapy treatments.

Tattoo Removal

Hello, my name is Lajuan, and today I want to share the experience I had with the Rohrer Aesthetics (Q-switched Yag/KTP Tattoo Removal). The dual wavelengths (1064nm/532nm) for removal of a wide variety of tattoo pigments.

Phone (appointments): 859-320-1642 | Call Or Text (general inquiries): 859-888-1616

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