Jazzi Memberships ft. Maria Montgomery

Jazzi Memberships ft. Maria Montgomery

About Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery

Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery, founded by cosmetic surgeon Ali Mohammad, MD, is a top-quality cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine practice serving men and women in and around Lexington, Kentucky. With a focus on providing the latest cosmetic treatments at an affordable price, Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery makes it easier to become your best possible self.

Aesthetic medicine is more than skin deep; numerous studies support the concept that looking your best equates to feeling your best. That’s why the Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery team works with you to choose the treatments best suited for your needs.

For many men and women, cosmetic procedures can be intimidating. That’s especially true as advancements in technology continue at an astounding pace. Having a medical team you can trust is essential. Judith Corrado, APRN, brings more than two decades of medical experience to Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery. With a background spanning cardiovascular intensive care, primary care, and specialized training in aesthetics, Judith leads Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery with a steady hand.

A skilled and compassionate support staff is another part of what makes Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery such a special place. From the time you schedule your initial consultation through your treatment and beyond, you’ll be in good hands and feel like a valued member of the practice family.

Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of medical technology. Treatments are completed using the latest laser platforms, and team members routinely pursue training opportunities. If you’re searching for the best aesthetic services currently available, you’ll find them at Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery.

You have choices when it comes to health and wellness services, including aesthetics. Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery stands apart from the competition in numerous ways, including a focus on combination therapy. Very often, several treatments can be “stacked” to provide the most noticeable aesthetic improvements. Combining treatments also provides more value for your investment.

If you’re curious about the latest in aesthetic medicine, book a consultation with Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery today to explore your options. You’ll be warmly welcomed by an unparalleled team of professionals, and you’ll remain supported as you move forward in your health and wellness journey.


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Words from our patients

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    "I've now been to Jazzi to see Judi two times! She was amazing! She's professional and courteous, I cannot wait to see my final results!"

    Kayla T.
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    "I've had acne scars for years...nothing had worked until I went to Jazzi. After my first micro-needling treatment, I immediately saw noticeable results."

    Cristina C.
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    "Judi is wonderful! She's all about enhancing your beauty and the results are incredible! I haven't had to wear makeup at all after only 2 sessions of micro-needling."

    Rosa P.
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    "I am at the age where all my wrinkles on my neck bothered me. with two treatments, I can see a big difference and it has delighted me. I did not have any pain."

    Lina C.
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